today's most important unreported stories What smart people think

imaginary god God is imaginary

Earth eyes Eyes on the Earth

no-return Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?

not just any poke The Poke

the good old days The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle : Eighth Century

they WILL find us Interstellar Mission

that can't work How Stuff Works

how far out (or in) do you want to go? Scale of Universe

does the mind really live here Real Brains

still preaching The Church of the Sub-Genius

become ordained The Church of the Sub-Genius

Dr. Memory The Firsign Thratre

flabbergasted Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

mouseover me Cube Field

it's your brain - use it Fucking Homepage

animate your wasted time Pixel Animator

timeless Mark Twain

get your extra dimensions now, while they last Psychedelics and Surprises

it's all here Library of Congress

360 virtual tours Look Around

infinite you Imagining the Seventh Dimension

audio dimension Heavenly Transitions

fractal landscapes Sub Blue

staggering unnaturally amongst the positive round-slippered wholes Visualation

juxtapoz Fusing the lurid edges of consciousness...

Mtal Hurlant Heavy Metal

interactive Nawlz

magical religious indoctrination Cardboard Record Player

so long and thanks for all the oil endless stuff

art fucks me it's off to work we go

neuron-galaxy A Matter of Scale

I have faith in gravity untill the rules change Random Particles

Dune - desert planet Resonance

deep zoom Fractal 01

c , c + c , (c+c) + c , ((c+c)+c) + c , (((c+c)+c)+c) + c , ... Fractal 02

what is reality Interdimentional Flatland

if your mind isn't bent yet . . . Terrence McKenna Decribes DMT Trip

lastgasp Mind Candy for the Masses

If you live here, you're home now Frank Lloyd Wright

US Gov sez "Just roll over and go back to sleep" Let us do the thinking for you

Look art galleries

See art galleries

the word didn't even exist blue

elisat sacred heart

Are we there yet? Space Rip

slackart Slack Art

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freaking news Strange, but true

draw lines bounce balls

Where is everybody Fermi Paradox

Interactive Generative Art Silk